Mediasite allows students to view their classes live or on-demand and helps reduce the distancing associated with online classes. With Mediasite, students can access previous class lectures throughout the semester. This on-demand viewing makes it really nice for the student that has to juggle employment, family, and education. Mediasite是一款讲座捕捉软件. 它对学生的互动选择有限. Students can ask questions and take part in polls, but it is not a stand-alone educational tool. Many instructors are incorporating other interactive tools such as Collaborate and Skype during their class sessions to provide the element of interaction among classmates. Mediasite was fully implemented at ENMU in the fall of 2011 and is now frequently used by many online classes. Look for classes with an SW or AW section when registering for a Mediasite class.

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Support for Mediasite Playback on Mobile Devices (iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android)

Mediasite 7 is now used at ENMU and supports iOS devices, as well as other mobile platforms. Playback requirements for mobile platforms can be found on this link: Mediasite移动设备支持.


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Your professor will provide a presentation or catalog link by email or on Canvas. When you click on the link, you (the student) will be prompted to log in. Your login information for Mediasite will always match your login for the MyENMU学生门户网站 (无需sd\). If you need to change your password for any of the ENMU systems including Canvas, Mediasite和email, you'll change it using the password change feature in the portal.

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