We accept checks, money orders, school district purchase orders and credit cards.


  1. 检查 测试的日历 注册前. 如果课程已满,我们将通过电子邮件通知您. 每个测试都有有限的空间. You will only be able to take the test on the date for which you registered unless you request a date change (see 考试日期更改 下图). You will not be allowed to retake the full test for 60 days after taking it the first time. 没有例外. 如果日历上没有日期,这些会议就满了.
  2. 请填写 网上Prueba de Español注册表格. 未付款提交的表格将不予处理. Your seat for your chosen test is not guaranteed until your payment is received by the Office of Planning and Policy.
    Prueba de Español网上报名表格
  3. 请以支票付款,并附上相应费用, money order or school purchase order by the registration deadline of your chosen test date to:

    1500 S. Ave K
    Portales, NM 88130

    Additional Prueba 联系信息 无障碍资源和测试中心



请浏览 普鲁巴测试日历 在我们当前日历的计划和政策门户页面上.

Please check the 测试的日历 prior to selecting your test date. Each test has limited seats available; you will be notified via email if the test date you selected is full. You are required to show a government issued picture ID to be admitted into the exam.


Your admission letter will be emailed to the email address given on your registration form one week prior to your test date (if your registration was received by the registration deadline).

  • If you do not receive your admission letter one week prior to your test, please call 575.562.2280,确认您的注册.
  • Please note it is your responsibility to open your correspondence to check your admission letter and confirm your test date.


You must present your photo ID with your name and signature at the time you are admitted for the test. 没有它你就不能参加考试.


You must email any request for date changes at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled test date. 电子邮件 (电子邮件保护) (this allows the notice to be received before a date that requires travel). 您的考试日期只能在有空位的情况下更改.


电子邮件 (电子邮件保护) 还有你收据的复印件.

  • $125 of the full test fee will be refunded to examinees who give two weeks or more cancellation notice.
  • Examinees who give less than two weeks cancellation notice will be refunded $100 of the full test fee.
  • Retakes will be refunded $25 of the $40 test fee with two weeks or more notice.
  • Retakes will be refunded $20 of the $40 test fee with less than two weeks notice.
  • 上述退款政策项目没有例外.


Test results will be sent to you approximately eight weeks after you take your test, via email. 你想印多少就印多少, and you can request an additional score report to be sent via email.


A traditional/standard 西班牙语/英语 dictionary will be provided for you to use during the exam.


If you are an individual with a disability in need of accommodations or services in order to take Prueba, 请联系 575.562.2280.


For appeals related specifically to the 西班牙语 competency test Prueba, 将遵循以下程序. Address the complaint to the executive director of Planning and Policy Office.

  • The complaint should contain the name and address of the person(s) filing it, 以及对指控的简短描述. It should be filed with the director within 10 University business days from the date of the alleged complaint.
  • 由执行董事进行的调查, 这可能是合适的, 应遵循投诉的提出. 调查应是非正式的,但应彻底, and it should afford all interested persons and their representatives, 如果有任何, 有机会提交与投诉有关的证据.
  • A written determination as to the validity of the complaint and a description of the resolution, 如果有任何, shall be issued by the director and forwarded to the complainant no later than 20 University business days after the filing.
  • The executive director shall maintain the files and records relating to the complaints for a period of three years. Test booklets and response audio files used in the administration of Prueba will be maintained in a secure location for the period of one year. At the end of one year, the test booklets will be shredded and the audio erased.
  • The complainant can request a reconsideration of the case in instances of dissatisfaction with the resolution. The request for reconsideration should be made to the New Mexico Public Education Department within 10 University business days of the resolution of the complaint.
  • The right of a person to a prompt and equitable resolution of the complaint filed shall not be impaired by nor shall the use of this procedure be a prerequisite to the pursuit of other remedies.
  • These rules shall be constructed to protect the substantive rights of interested persons, 并达到适当的正当程序标准.
  • Test takers will have one year from the date they took the exam in which to file a complaint, 在此日期之后提出的任何投诉将不予受理.


1500 S Ave K
Portales, NM 88130